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I've been working on the web pretty much my entire adult life. My expertise is somewhere between digital transformation, design, and strategy. I direct one of the largest in-house design teams in the government, focused broadly on user experience, product & service design and content strategy.

Outside of work, my personal research practice delves into the critical layers of service design, broadly focused on the interaction layers of everyday experiences. I've spent the past few years talking about consequence design and have been gradually the broadening the scope of my work to encompass the various and sundry ways that generative AI will cause havoc and interrogating ways new roles can be devised to cope with these incursions on the working order of society.

My speculative design exhibit, "A Parliament of Neighbors," was part the Chimaera Art Kunsthalle in May 2023. Last fall, my show "The Designer's Share of the Problem" was part of Portland Design Festival at PNCA in Portland. On the boards of several groups including the Service Design League, AIGA Portland (President) and the Joint Frontiers collective in Helsinki.